jenn schiffer web developer, artist, troll


My name is Jenn!

During the day, I'm an open web engineer at Bocoup! When I'm not at work, I'm making art with code and just trying to be a nice cool person on the harsh mean lanes of the information superhighway.

Before joining Bocoup, I was a senior front-end developer at the NBA and, before that, taught and evaluated computer science education at Montclair State University. I'm the organizer of JerseyScript, a front-end developer meetup based in New Jersey – one of several ventures I'm involved in to attract and retain more people in the web development community.

Lately I've been focusing on making pixel and 8-bit art using code, teaching others how to use art to get people interested in programming, learning how to ride my dad's old unicycle, and trying to help my peers take themselves a little less seriously.

I'm most responsive on twitter, but you can email me at or msg jennmoneydollars on IRC as well.